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Nigerian School Children

photography, photojournalism, recent, 白黒


photography, travel

Young Girl Selling Mangos El Salvador

photography, photojournalism, recent

Journalist and Author Peter Bergen Portrait

black and white, photography, portrait, recent, 白黒

Modern Photo

photography, photojournalism, recent

Westboro Baptist Church Children Washington D.C. Photographs

photography, photojournalism

*Disclaimer: This is strictly documentation of Westboro Baptist Church members I saw protesting outside …

DJ Babylon Artist Portrait Photo

photography, portrait

Rachel Quinn Guitarist Musician Portrait

black and white, photography, portrait

Quarantine: Disease Outbreak News Documentary Photojournalism

Documentary Photojournalism

Aerial Video 栃木県 Japan

aerial, recent, travel, video

Skateboarding Photography Red Bull Ramp Frontside Kickflip Indy Julian Etheridge

action, photography

Red Head Afro Hair Beauty Photo

beauty, fashion, hair, photography, studio

Jim DeChamp of Nitro Circus Mountain Bike Backflip Aerials

action, photography

Paul Mitchell Hair Photography

beauty, fashion, hair, photography, studio

The Figure モデル



Black and White

Fashion and Beauty Model Photo

beauty, fashion, hair, photography, studio


Mt. Fuji from Altitude

Colonel Harvey Curtiss Barnum Jr.

photography, portrait

Harvey C. Barnum Jr., USMC, is a Medal of Honor recipient. He …

Motorbike Jazz: Indie Short Film Trailer

Indie Short Film

Served as cinematographer on a short film shot in the deserts outside …

Povigy Talks with Fred & Co. 1745

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Povigy Talks With Becky Jane Sews

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Interview and documentary video of women’s clothier Becky Jane Harrington in her …

Povigy Talks with Woodworker Tony Kevin, Jr.

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Interview and documentary video of Timshel Woodworking’s Tony Kevin Jr. in his …

Bouldering Rocks

action, photography

Bouldering in Northwest Branch Park For these photographs I called my …

Advocate for Vulnerable Children, Morocco

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

El Salvador: Mayor, Lupita Serrano, Creates Opportunity for All

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Served as documentarian shooting still photography, videography, interviews, and portraits. Traveling throughout …

At-risk Youth Finds Purpose Preventing Violence, El Salvador

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Sunrise over Yamanashi 山梨の曙光

photography, travel

Mt. Rainier Washington State

photography, travel

Motorcycle Monster Truck Bikini

beauty, fashion, photography

Erick Gibson
Director of Photography





Cinematographer. Director of Photography

UAS / Drone /ドローン

UAS / UAV / Drone Pilot ドローンパイロット and Aerial Imaging


Projects & Visions

Erick Gibson is an award-winning photojournalist, professional photographer, and cinematographer. After graduating college magna cum laude with a B.A. in photography, Erick immediately began a professional photography career that now encompasses 16 years of experience. After working for a commercial and advertising photography studio for years, Erick changed gears and pursued a different path taking a position as a newspaper photojournalist. The wide range of specialties accrued working across multiple genres in his early career provided Erick with a diverse portfolio and skill set. Equally comfortable shooting in studio or on-location, Erick’s portfolio currently includes Fashion, Portrait, Lifestyle, Travel, and Documentary Photography and Videography.

Erick is an image maker infused with the energy of Rock n’ Roll, the art of skateboarding, and a longing for adventure. He is inspired by the power of cinema and art and the ability for these mediums to tell stories and to communicate beyond the boundaries of spoken and written language.

When not developing his own photography or filmmaking projects, Erick likes to skateboard, rock climb, and boulder. He is an insatiable Travel Fiend + Citizen Journalist + Existential Soldier.

“My true masterpieces are the days that I live.”

– Erick Gibson




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