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姫路城 Himeji Castle, Hyōgo, Japan

featured photograph, photography, travel

Hiroshi Sato of The Monorals, Studio Environmental Portrait

featured photograph, photography, portrait

I’ve been doing photography for the band, The Monorals, when schedules …

Fashion Photography Cirque Du Soleil Kurios

fashion, featured, photography, recent

着付処・実ツ編 Kimono and ザオリエンタル和装 Dress

Director of Photography, Art Direction, Web Design

Early Morning Bohemia

Lifestyle concept photograph for master hair braid artist Yumiko Horiguchi

Nigeria: Education Crisis Response Borno and Bauchi State

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Nigeria: Education Crisis Response Maiduguri, Borno State

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Photography and videography multimedia project for international development agency.

Nigerian School Children, Maiduguri, Borno State

black and white, featured, photojournalism, recent, 白黒

El Salvador: Crime and Violence Prevention Project, Cojutepeque, Usulutan, Ilobasco

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Young Girl Selling Mangos El Salvador

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Journalist and Author Peter Bergen Portrait

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Modern Photo

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Westboro Baptist Church Children Washington D.C. Photographs

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America the psychotic.

DJ Babylon Artist Portrait Photo

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Rachel Quinn Guitarist Musician Portrait

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Quarantine: Disease Outbreak News Documentary Photojournalism

Breaking News Photojournalism

Aerial Video 栃木県 Japan

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Skateboarding Red Bull Ramp Frontside Kickflip Indy Julian Etheridge

action, featured, photography

After photographing the skateboard events at the 2006 Dew Tour in Baltimore, I ended up skating the Red Bull mobile mini-ramp at Sonar club. I decided to make a few photographs while I cooled off a bit. I captured Professional skateboarder Julian Etheridge doing one of his perfect frontside kickflip indy grabs. Check the fencing keeping the crowd back. Chain-link with barbed wire at the top!

Jim DeChamp of Nitro Circus Mountain Bike Backflip Aerials

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Mt. Fuji from Altitude at Sunset

Colonel Harvey Curtiss Barnum Jr.

photography, portrait

Harvey C. Barnum Jr., USMC, is a Medal of Honor recipient. He …

Motorbike Jazz: Indie Short Film

Indie Short Film

I was the Director of Photography on this short, fiction film …

Suzuki GSX-R1000 Motorcycle Photography for Idea Creative Design

featured photograph, motorcycle, portrait, product, studio

Sayaka at Tamozawa Imperial Villa, 田母沢御用邸, Tamozawa Goyōtei

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Povigy Talks with Fred & Co. 1745

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Povigy Talks With Becky Jane Sews

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Povigy Talks with Woodworker Tony Kevin, Jr.

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Bouldering Rocks

action, photography

Bouldering in Northwest Branch Park For these photographs I called my …

Model Katarina Pavic in New England Garden Fashion Shoot

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Promise Pathways Advocacy for Vulnerable Children, Morocco

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Morocco Photography to Support Advocacy Projects

international development, photojournalism, recent

Advocate for Vulnerable Children, Morocco

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Photography and videography multimedia project for international development program funded by the …

El Salvador: Mayor, Lupita Serrano, Creates Opportunity for All

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Photography and videography multimedia project for international development agency. Vimeo: …

At-risk Youth Finds Purpose Preventing Violence, El Salvador

Documentary Short Film and Still Photography

Sunrise over Yamanashi 山梨の曙光

photography, travel

白黒 Alice and the Rabbit

Black and White

Mt. Rainier Washington State

photography, travel

Glovindria in Heels

fashion, featured photograph, photography

Glovindria Wears only Skateboard and Nike

fashion, featured, photography

Glovindria wears only skateboards, Nike, and sometimes heels.

Paul Mitchell Red Head Afro Hairstyle

beauty, fashion, featured, hair, photography, studio

Paul Mitchell Hair Photography

beauty, fashion, hair, photography, studio

Bindy in Jeans and a Scarf

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Motorcycle Monster Truck Bikini

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Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank Portrait

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Photographing Kevin Plank was a portrait assignment of mine once. I had …

Fashion and Beauty Model

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Vintage Styled Andrea in Hat

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Smart Car

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photography, product

Advocate for Vulnerable Children, Morocco

Photography and videography multimedia project for international development program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Skills:  international development, interview, photojournalism, recent, video
Client:  The U.S. Department of Labor “Promise Pathways Program” & Creative Associates International
Project Description:  Served as documentarian producing still photography, portraits, videography, and interviews in support of The U.S. Department of Labor funded “Promise Pathways Program” which aims to reduce exploitative child labor in the Marrakech-Tansift-Al Haouz region of Morocco. Traveling throughout Morocco, the team showcased the efforts of Karima Mkika, Founder and CEO of Al Karam Association. Photographs related to Al Karam Center were used in the book "In Her Hands" featuring Karima and other inspirational women leaders throughout the world. Additional photography and videography was used in multimedia support of the Promise Pathways Program.
Synopsis:  Karima Mkika founded the Al Karam Center in 1997 to help provide vulnerable Moroccan children with education, protection and support. Nearly 20 years later, The Al Karam Center is still providing services to Morocco’s most precious resource and working with a coalition of advocates to combat child labor and expand opportunity. The organization Al Karam (meaning “generosity” in Arabic) works to protect the most at-risk and vulnerable youth populations in the region of Marrakech, notably orphans and street children. Al Karam boasts a rehabilitation center for extremely urgent cases of orphans and street children in the center of the city of Marrakech. Its beneficiaries are orphaned children, victims of abuse, excluded from society, homeless, out-of-school and work or dependent on drugs. Many children are employed at a preciously early age—UNICEF estimates that 15,000 children between the ages of 6 and 15 are currently employed as artisans in Marrakech alone.
Role:  Director of Photography, Videographer, stills photographer, audio capture. Produced documentary stills photography and videography of United States Department of Labor “Promise Pathways" assisted projects in Marrakech Morocco and the surrounding rural region. Included documentary photojournalism and videography of Promise Pathways outreach center operations, portrait photography, and video interviews of L’Association Al Karam staff, Promise Pathways outreach center staff, and beneficiary children.
Advocate for Vulnerable Children, Morocco | Erick Gibson Productions | Photographer & Filmmaker